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Lehman Trike Conversions

David Wilson is the Mid-Ohio Harley-Davidson Lehman Trikes expert technician "Hello! My name is David Wilson and I am the Lehman Trike technician here at Mid-Ohio Harley-Davidson, Inc. I spent the better part of October in Spearfish, South Dakota at the Lehman training center to better serve you. Lehman is the original manufacturer of trike conversions for Harley-Davidson®. Lehman is the original manufacturer of trike conversions for Harley-Davidson®. Every Lehman trike is designed for superior stability and cornering performance. The Pride of Lehman Trikes is in the seamless design of every conversion. Customers would not accept a product that looks like a "kit" or a "bolt-on". Each model is uniquely styled to look as though the entire machine was designed exactly that way; evident from the structural and body design through to the cosmetics of paint-matching and badging. A large assortment of accessories are available at Mid-Ohio Harley-Davidson to customize your purchase, too.
It is the goal of Mid-Ohio Harley-Davidson to make your Lehman Trike Conversion the best experience ever!

Mid-Ohio invites you to experience the ultimate evolution of the three wheel motorcycle! Please click the images below to enlarge.

"No-Lean" Suspension Results in Better Cornering

Harley-Davidson® chassis view of Lehman Trike conversion. The single greatest factor that determines how a trike performs is swing-arm design. No other single component has such an impact on handling and ride quality.

"No-Lean" refers to the Lehman proprietary design, which minimizes flex in the swing-arm and rear-end system. This design features a differential rear-end with internal solid axles. The Lehman swing-arm is a one piece reinforced design, specially constructed to reduce all torsion effects.

The way to maximize stability and improve handling is to use the most rigid one-piece swing-arm possible. Using a rigid swing-arm ensures that while cornering, all three wheels remain firmly planted on the ground, while the center of gravity stays where it belongs – centered over the rear end. Flex within the swing-arm would cause the trike to lean resulting in decreased stability and heavier steering.

The Lehman Advantage

  • Highest residual value in the industry.
  • Established vehicle standards for trikes in North America.
  • Backed and supported by a network of "Certified" Dealers.
  • Original "No-Lean" Suspension, best handling trike on the market.
  • DOT/MOT compliance and exclusive insurance support through industry partners.
  • Established relationships with major motorcycle manufacturers.
  • Only manufacturer-sponsored Trikes Owners Group.
  • Leading reputation and the name you can trust.

Lehman Accessories Available from Mid-Ohio

Mid-Ohio Harley-Davidson can provide all the Lehman Trike accessories you want to customize your ride. Click HERE to see a small list of what is available!

Photos of A Mid-Ohio Lehman Trike Conversion

Want to see a trike conversion in process? We took some photos of a Harley-Davidson® being converted at Mid-Ohio. This is a flash slideshow gallery that opens in a smaller, new window.
Click HERE to see the photos.

Available Conversions

Renegade: Dyna® - 1999 through 2009

Lehman Renegade conversion of Dyna Harley-Davidson®.

It seems like only yesterday that your father was helping you onto your first tricycle. As he let you go down the driveway and you felt the rush of the wind through your hair that first time, a smile crossed your face. Now that you have grown up, that same exhilarating feeling is pulling you once again. It is time to re-experience the freedom from your childhood. Only this time you're allowed to go around the block by yourself!

Twin-cam power combined with nimble handling and ample storage.

Click HERE for specs and more information.

Renegade: Softail® - 2000 through 2006

Lehman Renegade conversion of Fatboy Harley-Davidson®.

The familiar rumble of V-twin thunder causes bystanders to stir. As you round the corner you realize that all eyes are focused on you. The rebel within you begs to twist the throttle and escape into the distance. Instead, you gently laugh to yourself knowing that wherever you travel, you will be the center of attention.

With the largest trunk in its class and side by side dual exhaust.

Click HERE for specs and more information.

Renegade: Touring - 1997 through 2010

Lehman Renegade conversion of Ultra Harley-Davidson®.

As the ultimate expression of the spirit of the open road, the big air-cooled twins rumble through the imagination and into the heart, creating an owner loyalty and legacy second to none. Now, the legend grows...with the addition of a beautifully integrated trike conversion by Lehman. In just a few days, freedom becomes threedom, with enhanced stability and far greater carrying capacity. So you can move your spirit farther, and far more comfortably.

With extra large opening to lower trunk and dual seat.

Click HERE for specs and more information.

Raider: Sportster® - 2004 through 2010

Lehman Raider conversion of Sportster Harley-Davidson®.

The all-new updated styling offers straightforward, effortless bodylines sure to please the eye. In addition to the comfort of the isolastic Cushion-ride suspension and the well-known stability of the Lehman No-Lean design, it now features a practical trunk to keep items safe and secure.

Click HERE for specs and more information.

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